Services Provided

As your property factor Southside Residential will issue you with a “Written Statement of Service”.  This document will summarise our factoring services.

Core Services

Southside Residential will respond to all general enquires within 10 working days.  Please refer to our ‘making a complaint’ page for details of timescales when responding to complaints.

Southside Residential will organise tenement close inspections at least twice a year to enable our staff to identify common repairs, which may not have been identified by owners. The inspections will also monitor garden maintenance, stair cleaning, (if provided) close decoration, external decoration, the roof and gutters.

As a general principle, where a common repair is likely to exceed £1,000 (Including VAT), Southside Residential will inform owners and, where possible, consult with them before instructing the repairs.

The following time-scales will apply where the cost of the repair is not thought likely to exceed £1,000 (including VAT).

  • routine repairs will be within 7 working days. A routine repair will generally involve a situation that does not present any immediate health and safety risk.
  • urgent repairs will be within 2 working days.  An urgent repair will generally involve a situation that does not pose an immediate threat to health and safety, but may do so if left unattended.
  • emergency repairs will be within 2 hours.   The contractor will endeavour to attend and make safe within 2 hours.  Some emergencies may not be fully repaired within two hours and remaining work will be completed as soon as is practical.  An emergency repair will generally involve a situation that poses an immediate threat to health and safety or security.  It may include repairs where delay could result in significant damage to the property.

In situations where there is a risk to the health and safety of owners, we can instruct necessary repairs to protect all residents and their properties. We can apply to have essential work enforced, but we strive to reach agreement by consulting with owners.

Out of Hours Emergency Service

Where an out of hours contractor has responded to an emergency call from an owner, the contractor will contact the Southside Residential repairs team on the next possible working day to provide details of the call-out and action taken.

If the emergency repair (and follow-up work, if relevant) is a common repair, the cost will be shared amongst the owners in terms of the title deeds. Costs for non-common repairs (which benefit individual flats) will be charged in full to the owner who instructed the repair.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is a separate cost. Southside Residential insures owners’ shares of the property through a block policy for factoring owners. All owners will be encouraged to join the SFARS block comprehensive building insurance policy.

In cases where the title deeds specify that the factor should arrange the insurance, this will be enforced against owners. If the title deeds are silent on this matter, the owners retain the right to hold their own insurance cover, provided the minimum level of required cover is in force.

Glasgow Care and Repair Service

Southside Housing Association manages the Glasgow Care & Repair Service in partnership with Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Housing Regulator. The service offers advice and assistance to people who are older or have a disability to help them repair, improve or adapt their homes.

A further development of the Care and Repair Service is a small repairs team which provides a repair improvement and maintenance service to homeowners and private tenants over 60 and/or the disabled who are required to pay for materials only.

Please contact our Care and Repair staff members for more details.

Site based Concierge Service

If you have an “on site” Concierge at your building, some of the duties the team provides for you are listed below:

  • An “on sight” management presence from 8.00AM – 8.00PM, 7 days a week.
  • Cleaning of all common areas including windows, glass work and bin rooms.
  • Maintenance of Common areas including de-littering
  • Building checks for Health and Safety and security purposes including water safety, fire safety and CCTV.
  • Reporting all common area faults to relevant contractors (including emergency and out of hours call-outs).
  • Arranging access for contractors
  • On site liaison with all emergency services.
  • Twenty-four hour CCTV monitoring via “hub” site.
  • Provision, programming and distribution of fobs for door entry system.If you would like further information on this service then please contact a member of the factoring team on 0141 422 1112 or at




“Southside Residential” is a trading name of “Southside Factoring and Related Services”. “Southside Factoring and Related Services” is a subsidiary of “Southside Housing Association Limited”.