Repairs & Maintenance

Routine Repairs Hotline – 03030 300 109

Emergency Repairs

If an emergency of a common nature arises when we are closed, please contact our out of hours contractor MEARS 0141 848 6262


As a general principle we will consult with or inform owners regarding common repairs wherever possible, where the repair is liable to exceed £1000 inclusive of VAT in total.

In situations where there is a risk to the health and safety of owners, we can instruct necessary repairs to protect all residents and their properties. We can apply to have essential work enforced, but we strive to reach agreement by consulting with owners.

Monitoring Quality and Cost of Repair Work

Southside Residential will ensure that any Contractors employed have a proven record of a high quality of work, are reliable, are fully insured, and comply with relevant legislation such as Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities.

Contractors are also subject to a random sample of pre and post inspections of their work, in addition to being checked for satisfaction through a system of satisfaction surveys where the person reporting the repair is asked for their views on how it was carried out.

Any works where an Owner has complained about the quality of the service will also be investigated.

With regards to controlling the costs of repairs, all Invoices submitted by contractors are checked by us to ensure charges are reasonable and the work has been carried out as instructed.